Saturday, July 11, 2009

Justine Trotter

  • Nicknames: Teenie, Teen, Teener Weiner, Teenie Weenie, etc.
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Favorite Fruit: strawberries
  • Pepsi or Coke: Coke
  • Home Town: Las Vegas
  • Dream Job: High School Teacher
  • Favorite TV Show: House
  • Favorite Actor: The sexy one in the movie
  • Justine's Aura is: azure skies-ish
  • Guilty Pleasure: Gossip Girl
  • Pet Peeve: Calling me teener weiner
  • Weirdest Dream She Ever Had: Slimer from Ghost Busters and Mary (Jesus' mother) were in a tent that I peeked into and then Slimer chased me up a tree, wrapped me in a picnic blanket and pushed me off.
  • If Justine Could Vote Off 2 Letters of the Alphabet, She Would Choose: W, because it takes too much effort when singing the alphabet song (3 syllables, really?!) and X because it's impossible to come up with words when playing Scattegories/Boggle etc
  • If Justine Had to Get Rid of a Sense She would Get Rid Of: My sixth one because it's freaking me out
  • Justine can't live without: food and water and neither can anybody else.
  • Most Played Song in her iTunes: Dare by The Higher
  • Cool Word that Rhymes with Justine: Philippine-o?
  • Favorite Line From The Show: "Well roast my chestnuts and call me Albert."


  1. Oh c'mon -- there's several X words. Sheesh.

  2. She said X-words as in words that start with X, not X-rated.