Saturday, June 27, 2009

Matthew Meese

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  • Nicknames: Mattypants
  • Eye Color: lovely shade of hazel
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Pepsi or Coke: Dr. Pepper
  • Dream Job: Zoo Keeper
  • Is Pluto a Planet?: It always will be to me
  • Matt's Aura is: Blue?
  • Pet Peeve: Not sayin', cause if you know it, you'll do it.
  • Weirdest Dream: It involved a trip to Ireland, a talking horse, and a herd of velociraptors.
  • If Matt had a million dollars and had to spend it in a month, he'd: Buy an elephant and a storage shed to keep it in.
  • If Matt could vote off two letters of the alphabet, he'd vote off: J and K just so no one could say "JK!"
  • If Matt had to get ride of one sense, he would get rid of his: sense of impending doom.  I don't think I need to explain why.
  • Matt's Motto: Don't panic
  • Matt's Patronus: Puma
  • Hecka or Tight: Hecka, fo sho.
  • Morning or Night: Night please
  • Favorite Season: Fall of 2003
  • Favorite Line in the Show: "I think the croutons have gone south."
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  1. Matt,
    Do you know a Gabe or Dave Meese who lived in St. George until recently???

  2. No, but I'll bet we're related. I haven't met many Meese's.

  3. Matt! You are our supreme role model we love watching divine comedy and especially your skits! Your influence even out shines that of Ronald Billius Weasly!
    Future Divine Comedians

  4. I absolutely love every way...because you are supremely awesome. Keep being awesome. Please.

  5. How tall are you Matt? I loved that Studio C bit with 7'6" Shawn Bradley and wondered how tall you are.

  6. Mat,
    I truly love all your parts in studio c!!! You truly have talent!!!

    1. Agreed. Matt, you're great. I mean, so is the rest of the cast, but I look for your face on every thumbnail. I want to be on Studio C with you. Wow, THAT didn't sound creepy...

  7. Mat,
    Do you like any one on studio c?

  8. Have you ever heard of Doctor Who? Just kidding, I know you have. Y'all need to do a Doctor Who skit. I don't care if the other cast members haven't seen it. You look/sound/act too much like David Tennant to pass up the opportunity.

    1. I never realized how much he actually looks like him until now. :)

  9. seriously, how tall are you, how do you do that whole shoulder angel thing? I'm a HUGE fan!!!!!

  10. love you matt! studio c is A.W.E.S.O.M.E! also I watched a video interview and it said you were color-blind. what colors cant you tell apart? thanks, (whispers creepily) you don't know who I am...

  11. I love your studio c skits your probably my favorite cast member tied with Jeremy and Jason but the only problem is your parts are kind of repetitive