Saturday, June 20, 2009

William McAllister

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Kweesh, Doggie, William Wallace Macgregor III

Zodiac Sign:


Favorite Color:

All of them. Seriously.

Least Favorite Vegetable:

Can't say. I like 'em all. It's like asking me to pick a least favorite son or daughter.

Favorite TV Show:

Beverly Hillbillies

Is Pluto a Planet:

If it's not, all I believed as a child would be destroyed

Will's Aura is:

Light brown, almost gold, with a beam of sunshine and a white spot

Pet Peeve:

When people don't take 10 seconds out of their lives to put the shopping cart back in the cart return. Come on people, let's make the bagger's life easier.

In 5 years, Will sees himself:

teaching film in high school, one baby, and hopefully a wife along with that

Weirdest Dream He's Had:

I had this one dream when Billy Joel came and sang Piano man whilst playing a guitar from Guitar Hero. Then Jen physically assaulted me and a lady shoved cheese down my throat and I thought I was going to choke to death but an army man tackled me.

What's a Cool Word that Rhymes with William:

McWilliam (thank you ChaCha)

If Will could have a superhero power, it would be:

Beatboxing like Courtney

Will's Motto is:

The ultimate perhaps the last freedom is the right and power to decide within how anyone or anything outside ourselves will effect us.

Hecka or Tight:


Favorite Line in the Show:

No more cheese, please -

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